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Who we are

  I shall say your: He is the Good Lord, my father refuge, the fortress, e on it I'll be relying.

(psalm 91)



     Marcos Martini

    Born in 1967, in Chopinzinho, Paraná, Brazil. Resides ago 27 years em Cascavel, region west of the Paraná.


- Engineer Agricultural;

- Professor of Physics & Mathematics in high school ago 13 years;

- Technical architectonic;

- Model engineering;

- Plastic artist ( self-made);

     Finder the painting in 1999, of way casual. He used to be seeking a form of alleviating the erosion & the "stress" from school, when I began the paint for curiosity.

    I met one new passion, what I am by developing fastly.

    The beauty transcending and pacific from a paint; the taste of the playing of the brush with the canvas; the pleasure by one I work prompt & unframed em beauty... Are sensations what finder and that I am barely beginning the taste. I hope be able soon develop more my capacity, what ficou for years hidden under the severity from the exact sciences.




                           Marcos Martini